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Lanos Care GmbH (Head quarter)

Managing Directors:
Dr. Constantin Schmitt & Daniel Schote

Mainzer Gasse 4
34613 Schwalmstadt

Phone: 06691 807 8815
Fax: 06691 807 8816
E-Mail: info@lanos-care.de

Lanos Care - Ziegenhain

Contact Person:
Ruth Lehnheiser
Landgraf-Philipp-Straße 14
34613 Schwalmstadt

Phone: 06691 807 209
Fax: 06691 807 211
E-Mail: ziegenhain@lanos-care.de

Lanos Care - Treysa

Contact Person:
Carina Ryczak
Sachsenhäuser Straße 1
34613 Schwalmstadt

Phone: 06691 966 2990
Fax: 06691 966 2991
E-Mail: treysa@lanos-care.de

Lanos Care - Gilserberg

Contact Person:
Karin Keute
Bahnhofstraße 46
34630 Gilserberg

Phone: 06696 911 241
Fax: 06696 911 242
E-Mail: gilserberg@lanos-care.de

Lanos Care - Schwarzenborn

Contact Person:
Tanja Rotter
Eselsweg 1
34639 Schwarzenborn

Phone: 05686 930 6070
Fax: 05686 930 5103
E-Mail: schwarzenborn@lanos-care.de

Lanos Care - Fritzlar

Contact Person:
Roland Reutemann
Gießener Straße 46
34560 Fritzlar

Phone: 05622 915 044
Phone2: 05621 960 196
Fax: 05622 915 046
E-Mail: fritzlar@lanos-care.de

Lanos Care - Kassel West

Contact Person:
Annika Buckmann
Gilsastraße 14
34119 Kassel

Phone: 0561 4751 1900
Fax: 0561 4751 1901
E-Mail: kassel-west@lanos-care.de

Lanos Care - Kaufungen

Contact Person:
Nese Tasbag
Bahnhofstraße 1a
34260 Kaufungen

Phone: 05605 929 931
Fax: 05605 929 685
E-Mail: kaufungen@lanos-care.de

Lanos Care - Mainz-Kastel

Contact Person:
Melanie Legowski
Am Königsfloß 30
55252 Mainz-Kastel

Phone: 06134 286 290
Fax: 06134 286 298
E-Mail: mainz-kastel@lanos-care.de

Lanos Care - Hanstedt

Contact Person:
Gudrun Neunzig
Harburger Straße 9
21271 Hanstedt

Phone: 04184 8306
Fax: 04184 88 86 96
E-Mail: hanstedt@lanos-care.de

Lanos Care - Fulda

Contact Person:
Stefanie Urban
Schumannstraße 43
36043 Fulda

Phone: 0661 380 94 66
Fax: 0661 380 19 50
E-Mail: fulda@lanos-care.de


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Our company offers nursing and assisting services. The company was founded with the intent to provide humane and professional mobile care. Firstly, we understand nursing as a societal mission in the line of duty of the community. Secondly, we would like to achieve quality of life and security for all parties involved. Thirdly, it is our goal to maintain and enhance the wellbeing and the independence of our patients. Fourthly, we want to make a life in dignity possible for care recipients. To achieve our aspiration of being leader in quality we are reliable and strive for continuous improvement of our services. While performing our tasks we let us guide by the moral imperative of philanthropy. We understand nursing as assistance for a self-determined life. Benevolent intercourse with colleagues and with patients is of great importance to us. To our clients we give a feeling of ministration and we support their relatives. As accompany we endeavor to create a pleasant and interesting work environment and we are striving to harmonize job and private life as only a balance between these two main areas of life guarantees high performance and motivation in favor of our clients. Continuing education and self-study of our staff is supposed to keep our service quality on a high level and motivate our employees. Our work is characterized by a high level of autonomy. We are convinced that our employees are able to fulfill our clients' requirements on the basis of a high level of qualification and a positive attitude towards their job.

declaration of integrity (only in German)