Lanos Care - mobile nursing

Lanos Care - mobile nursing and personal care services

Lanos Care offers mobile nursing and personal care services. Our objective is to maintain and facilitate wellbeing and independence of our patients. At the moment we offer support to our clients in in Hessen und Niedersachsen.

As a company we are striving to create an interesting and comfortable work environment. Furthermore, we spend our efforts to harmonize job and private life of our employees.

We would like to invite you to obtain further information of us on the following pages. Please give us a phone call or send us an email.

On the following pages you will find general company information and information about our services. If you are confronted with the subject "nursing" for the first time, we can guide you through the red tape of health care and nursing care insurance companies and help you to lead you to profound decisions.

We are happy to provide you with pricing examples of selected nursing services. To provide you with precise information about insurance benefits we suggest that you talk to one of our nursing specialists.

At the moment we operate mobile nursing branches, in the states Hesse (from Wiesbaden to Kassel), Lower Saxony (South of Hamburg) and North Rhine-Westphalia. Our nursing services include treatments according to medical prescription, basic nursing, housekeeping and personal care or day-to-day life assistance.

The German social security statutes 5 (SGB V or SGB 5) govern medical treatments and the social security statutes 11 (SGB XI or SGB 11) govern the other services provided by us.

Services covered by the insurance companies

As an insured person you qualify for a variety of services. Besides basic care and medical treatment you are entitled to receive the so-called low-threshold services like housekeeping, personal care or day-to-day life assistance.

Basic care

Showering, washing, dressing and undressing as well as shaving and helping patients to lay down are counted among different services of basic care. Our central concern is to maintain and enhance our clients wellbeing and independence.

Medical treatment

Drug administration, injections, change of dressings, change of catheters, blood sugar measurements etc.. All these services are prescripted by physicians. We perform all our treatments strictly according to the guidelines of the collaborating physicians and the standards defined by the insurance companies. Quality management and documentation is of high importance to us. Our staff is trained on a regular basis in order to comply to our set standards.


Within the scope of domestic support we offer assistance in housekeeping. We direct our services to the individual demands of our clients; which include cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, ironing, clean house, dish washing, watering flowers etc.. Even these services are covered by nursing care insurances.

Personal care / Day-to-day life assistance

Especially for enabling the elderly to participate social life we offer services which we ascribe to personal care or day-to-day life assistance. Seniors are escorted visiting their friends or relatives. Our assistants also accompany elderly people shopping, visiting the authorities, physicians or cultural events. Our personal care assistants also join clients playing or making music. Support is also performed associated with taking care of pets or feeding them.


For the support of our team we are looking for examined nurses, nursing assistants, housekeepers and personal care assistants. Our objective is to create a comfortable working environment and interesting training opportunities. We emphasize an attractive work-life balance for our employees. We are convinced that we only can reach customer satisfaction if our employees are motivated.


Please get in touch with our headquarters in Schwalmstadt or contact our branches directly! We will respond to you immediately.